We believe that there is a radical change in the spiritual climate in these nations as we see the barriers between the leaders being removed and teams working together. In October 2018 we were able to adopt the Syloam church in Silbas, led by Miro and Sneza Fic, as our first Commission Church in Serbia.

And how do you mark a celebration? With a cake of course!

We are really excited at the developments that we are seeing in these nations. Since 2004 Miro Fic has been networking with churches, publishing Christian books and developing multimedia in the area.

Miro has now developed a team working very closely with many churches in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. Commission are actively supporting this ministry, including the translation of key training materials and books, including ‘Fathering Nations, Motivating Mission’ by David Devenish. We have recently completed a very successful church leaders training programme that has been run over 18 months, with 30 people graduating.

When Duncan Lee and Doug Croucher (from Godfirst Church Christchurch UK) visit next at the end of July 2019, we expect to welcome the church in Sombor into our family. These churches are about an hour apart in North West Serbia.

As our relationships grow, we look forward to welcoming other leaders to our Commission Prayer time in the autumn 2019.


For more of what other ‘spheres’ are doing in the Balkans, see the TOAM update in ‘Around the Spheres’




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