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I'm ready to join the adventure 

God has given us a huge vision as Commission to see thousands of lives transformed, through hundreds of churches, in tens of nations.

Outlining the vision is one thing, getting there is another!

With such a big vision we had to think about how to get there and we introduced our SURE strategy, caried out through the four teams listed below.

SEND Adventure together to transform the world.
UNIFY Moving forwards together as one
RELEASE       Empowering everyone for influence everywhere
EQUIP Enabling everyone to think and live like Jesus


Over the last year, these four teams regularly came together to develop work plans. The plans were then carefully put together into 10 similar groupings of work, to become teams of their own called transformation teams. Real progress has been made towards our shared vision, but it’s time to move things along and this is where it gets exciting!

A lot of this sounds very strategic, and it is, but we have also heard God speak powerfully to us as a family of churches. These prophetic words have really shaped the way we’ve done things and that has propelled us forwards on this exciting adventure. Our transformation teams are all about including the whole family as we fulfil this vision together.



How much of a time commitment is this?

It really depends on what availability you have! There are so many different opportunities, we will find an opportunity which is a good fit for you, both with regards to skills and time availability.

What might I be involved in?

There are 10 different transformation teams to get involved in, and under these teams there will be lots of sub teams. Some examples of these are social action, overseas mission, looking at the way we run training, raising up leaders and many more. Try to give us as much detail as you can on the form about what you’re interested in, that way the teams will be able to find a perfect fit for you.

For a full breakdown of the 10 teams click here.

What happens once I complete the form?

When you first complete the form you’ll receive a standardised email confirming that it’s been received. Your details will be added to a database which our team leads will have access to, and they will contact you. If you haven’t heard within a month, please feel free to contact us at

What if I want to get involved but I’m not sure what I have to offer?

If you have time to offer and you’re eager to be involved but you’re not sure how, get in touch! There are so many plans in place for how we’re going to achieve our vision, there’s almost certainly something that you can get involved in. Fill out the form anyway, let us know what you’re passionate about, and we’ll discuss your options with you!

Should I prioritise serving in my church?

The ultimate goal of all of this is to serve and equip the local church, so by serving a team you are also serving your church. However, as Commission is so passionate about the local church, we would not want to stop you from doing anything you’re already doing. We’d advise that if you’re at all worried, chat it through with your church leadership team.

Will I be paid?

These are voluntary positions only, however we will also ensure that you are not out of pocket, and will cover any agreed expenses that you might incur.  

What’s the travel expectation?

We aim to minimise the travel required, and where possible we will use video conference calls. However, there’s a strong possibility that some travel may be involved which we will reimburse you for.

Can we serve a team as a couple?

If you would like to serve with your partner, that should be possible. However, we would ask that you still fill out two seperate forms.

Can I sign up if i'm not part of a Commission church?

Yes! If you'd like to be involved, then we'd love to have you. Select "other" on the drop down menu of churches and tell us which church you're part of.