What is Commission?

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Home Background2Commission is an international family of churches with a vision to see thousands of lives transformed through hundreds of churches in tens of nations. Led by Guy Miller and his team, Commission has churches in the UK, India, Spain, Portugal and other nations.

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 In 2016 we launched our new SURE strategy:

  • SEND: adventure together to transform the world
  • UNIFY: moving forwards together as one
  • RELEASE: empowering everyone for influence everywhere
  • EQUIP: enabling everyone to think and live like Jesus

Click on the links to find out more, watch the video below to see Guy outline what each of these mean, or download the full talk from Westpoint 2016 (not yet available!). 

what is 2020?

As part of working together to see thousands of lives transformed through hundreds of churches in tens of nations we are aiming by 2020 to be partnering with:

  • 100 churches in the UK
  • 100 churches in India
  • 10 churches in the Iberian Peninsula
  • Working into 10 nations

As we also want to see Kingdom impact and lives changed by Jesus, we are also aiming to see 1000 baptisms in the UK and India, and 100 in the Iberian peninsula. 

This is a massive goal which needs everyone to play their part! Why not contact us to see where you can join in?


where have we come from?

Commission is part of the Newfrontiers global movement of churches which has grown over the last 30 years to over 1000 churches across the world under the leadership of Terry Virgo.  As Newfrontiers has grown, Terry has recognised that a number of leaders have emerged with a gift to lead, serve and oversee the churches within Newfrontiers. Now each of these pioneers their own network of churches (such as Commission), while still maintaining the core vision and values of Newfrontiers.

What do we do in Commission?

Commission is an international family of churches partnering together to extend God’s kingdom among the nations, and we are developing our SURE strategy to achieve this. This includes Westpoint, our annual festival for churches in Commission. In addition to Westpoint we run a variety of other events and training courses.

God has called us on an adventure together and we’d love to have you with us.

Get in touch either via this website, social media or through one of our local churches if you’d like to get involved.

Commission is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and the Newfrontiers family of churches.