What do Brazil, India, Philippines, Portugal, Turkey, South Africa and USA have in common?

Answer: You can hear from friends representing all these countries at the ‘Tent Talks’ at this year’s Westpoint* Festival!

“After more than thirty years, as I look around the church in Penafiel (Portugal), filled with joyful Christians from Penafiel and the surrounding area, all praising God for their salvation – I thank God for his amazing grace in those early years and the privilege of being part of the adventure.” (Jessica Shore lives in Portugal with her husband Mike. They travel together helping churches in Span and Portugal.)

“Writing about his recent visit to the Philippines, Andy Phillips writes: ‘There is a church for the Hill Tribe people but mostly the group gathered were from higher in the Hills and unreached. Some spoke Tagalog (Filipino national language). This is where Rolando de Guzman really comes into his own and we saw a number respond to the gospel and many were prayed for.’ Come and hear more from Rolando and Levy De Guzman (Pastor – Cavite Open Door Commission Church), and Grace Cayetano (Youth leader and Church worker).

Do you have an interest in the nations? Do you feel a call to help a church overseas? Do you want to hear inspiring stories of church planting overseas? Come along and visit the ‘Hub’ 3pm Friday; 12.45pm and 3pm Saturday, 2.30pm Sunday to hear more about what the churches are doing in these Countries.

All details will be in the Westpoint* handbook

*Westpoint is the annual Festival held by Commission. Find out more information and how to book for Westpoint 2019 on this website.

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