3 Must read books before Westpoint 2019

Westpoint 2019 features an amazing line up of speakers including Hannah Anderson, Andrew Wilson and Andy McCullough. Not only are they engaging speakers, but they have written excellent books too! We decided to ask some people within Commission to read and review them, and as you’ll see they’re well worth a read. Their books are available on Amazon and will also at our onsite book store at Westpoint.


“Hannah Anderson: Humble Roots” A review by Liz Blaber 

After Andrew Wilson described ‘Humble roots’ as one of the best books he’d ever read, I was keen to read it. I love to read something that feels fresh and different, and this book certainly is that. If you’ve ever felt a sense of despondency that the work you do is not quite as groundbreaking or world changing as you may have hoped, then this book is an antidote, and a genuine route to peace and happiness in the wonderful every day… 

Embracing the everyday call on my life has been particularly important for me as I’ve been parenting four young children for the past 7 years, where a feeling of groundhog day can sometimes creep in. By seeing the significance and beauty in the people and places around you, and realising the privilege of investing in even a small God-given task or person, can literally almost make you burst with pride.

I so enjoyed and benefited from Hannah’s wisdom speaking from every page. I was particularly moved and helped by her chapter on death ‘the ultimate humiliation’  – a subject often avoided and not easy to grapple with from an honest and creative perspective. To look death square in the eyes and to talk about what it is and what it isn’t and to reflect on the great, immortal God we love and worship brings hope and perspective. I applaud Hannah for managing this so well. 

This really is a book for everyone, it never sits on my shelf long as I’m always keen to share its goodness with friends and family – my 70 year old mother enjoyed it so much she read it twice back to back! – Can any book receive a higher commendation??!!


“Global Humanity: Andy McCullough” A review by Simon Walker

Our world is changing.  Where I grew up everyone looked similar to me, ate similar food, talked in a similar way.  Today my local high street is full of different smells, languages, colours and food.  I love it!   Global Humility helps us to make sense of what culture and worldview are and walks us through a biblical approach to understanding how to engage in serving the world with the gospel. 
Andy writes as someone who has lived as a pioneer working across cultures to present the claims of Jesus to people who hold a different worldview to his own.
Andy explores how different cultures find their identity, how they think and how they approach life.    He shows us how to listen and understand others before we humbly open our mouths to share the stories of Jesus.  Contrasting East and West cultures covering hot topics such as collectivism, honour and shame, and language, this book will equip you to go to the nations and connect with those that make their home in streets alongside you.  
Global Humility is a superb guide that will encourage you to live and serve the gospel at home or travelling to new nations.  It comes out of rich reading, thinking, research and practice and will serve its readers well.  A superb read and an outstanding piece of work that I think will be a key resource in mission for years to come.   Brilliant!
 “Spirit and Sacrament: Andrew Wilson” a review by Tom Davis

In Spirit and Sacrament Andrew Wilson lays down a simple challenge – are we as faithful to the New Testament ideal of church as we think we are? Regardless of our church affiliation or style of worship, it’s very easy for us to call out the biblical references to practices we put into place on a Sunday morning (gifts of the Spirit, weekly Eucharist, communal confession…) and glide over the references to those practices. This short book sets out the biblical reasons why we may want to expand our current practices, wherever we’re starting from, and gives suggestions as to possible places to start.

Wilson has a relaxed and engaging style of writing, equally likely to make you laugh out loud, or wince. And regardless of whether you end up feeling changes should be made to your Sunday morning or not, the early two chapters in this book on Gift and Joy, underpinning the later ideas, are ones to keep coming back to.




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Thu 22nd – Mon 26th August 2019

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With dedicated groups for 3s, 4-5s, 6-8s and 9-11s, Westpoint is a festival for the whole family.

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Children’s Workers’ Conference Feedback 2018

Children's Workers' Conference Feedback


The Blessed Life of the Kingdom of God

The Beatitudes have inspired countless generations before us to build lives and churches that challenge and change the world in which they live. The truths contained within Christ’s teaching have the ability to bring colour and transformation to the darkest and most troubled situation on planet earth.

Guy Miller wrote the short study book called “The Blessed Life of the Kingdom of God” which was handed out to everyone that attended Westpoint 2018. His heart for the book was that it would unify everyone in Commission and have them all praying the same things, caught up in the same amazing vision. If you were not at Westpoint or did not receive a book, we have made the book available for free download.

As a follow-on to the book, Guy has written a series of 10 blogs (see below) each one also has a short 1 minute video devotional and discussion questions. We hope that you will find each of these helpful in connection with the book, either to be used as personal reflection or in a small group setting.

If you feel inspired by what you read and would like to find out more about how you could play a part in seeing Commission’s vision to see thousands of lives transformed, through hundreds of churches, in tens of nations achieved visit www.commission-together.org/joinin


Beatitudes Series

Part 1: Vision

I am sitting in my study praying and thanking God for this precious family we call Commission and all the wonderful people who are part of it. We are all on a great adventure to see thousands of lives transformed through hundreds of churches in tens of nations.

read more

Part 3: Blessed are those who mourn

I will sometimes visit a graveyard and read headstone inscriptions. They all include a name, two dates and a dash. That dash represents all the hopes, ambitions, relationships and work the individual did in their lives, all represented by a line! Two dates and a dash.

read more

Part 4: Blessed are the meek

Most of us enjoy tracing our family tree back several generations to discover unknown characters and forgotten history. We are spellbound to find the names and histories of forgotten entrepreneurs, soldiers, builders, inventors.

read more

Part 6: Blessed are the merciful

I love butterflies and insects. They are so industrious and so beautiful (well maybe not a flea or cockroach). They are the bringers of transformation to the gardens, forests and fields pollinating, flowers that in time produce a harvest.

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