Part 3: Blessed are those who mourn

I will sometimes visit a graveyard and read headstone inscriptions. They all include a name, two dates and a dash. That dash represents all the hopes, ambitions, relationships and work the individual did in their lives, all represented by a line! Two dates and a dash. Many of us will have attended the funeral service of a loved one and in our grief and sadness tried to sum up what that individual meant to us, to others and to their community. They are painful moments, sad and difficult we leave mourning the loss.

In this second beatitude Jesus reminds us that his kingdom is born out of death, indeed it is the very topsoil that enables us to lead the flourishing life. The disciple is called to look at death, its entry into this world, its power and finality over the human race. We are then to look and reflect on Christ’s death and resurrection and find in this historic event the very comfort the gospel brings spoken by Paul 1 Cor 15:3 -5, 35-58. The gospel is a call to death, to crucify the flesh, to deny oneself and to mourn over every area of life that proudly opposes God’s rule and reign.



1: Take a sheet of paper and write down all the things you long to do with your life for God. This maybe career, relationship, ministry, training, travel or skill. Now circle your top 3 as if these were the only things you could do with your life. What steps do you need to make to reach for each of these in God?

2: Are there areas in your life that you are mourning over even the loss of a loved one? Talk through the feelings and emotions you have gone through and find comfort in the words of scripture and the encouragement of others.

3: When you consider soil as culture, and the culture of Commission churches, think of the soil or culture of where you work and live. What things do you love and enjoy about your community? Where do you see the kingdom culture being able to transform areas of darkness and death? What is your responsibility in this?



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