Part 10: Blessed are you when you are falsely accused

We are living in an increasingly politically correct world where we refuse to spend time understanding one another but rather want to label and categorise each person. Comedians in the UK agree that it is increasingly difficult to laugh at national or persona peculiarities without causing someone great offence. Our choice in music, football team, political party and dress often results in people pigeonholing us and even distancing themselves for no apparent reason.

The church needs to understand the world and culture around it and so avoid using words that mean one thing to us and another to the people we are speaking to. Words like Christian, radical, evangelical, faith, or even church can be words that cause accusation and misunderstandings and maybe limitations in our progress in sharing our life and faith. Yet even with the greatest care we will face false accusation and we need to be open and transparent in how we deal with these as well have good processes in place to ensure we take every accusation seriously.


1: How do introduce your faith when talking to your friends, neighbours and work colleagues? What words have you found helpful or unhelpful?  Any words that have proved antagonistic or situations you have felt excluded from?

2: Why is it so important to include others when we face accusation? How does Jesus direct us when it comes to settle matters with another Christian? (Mat 5:23 and 24)?

3: In what ways can we rejoice and be glad when this happens to us? How do we do this practically?



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