Part 4: Blessed are the meek

Most of us enjoy tracing our family tree back several generations to discover unknown characters and forgotten history. We are spell bound to find the names and histories of forgotten entrepreneurs, soldiers, builders, inventors. Companies have sprung up offering the facility of tracing your family line and so we rush to see if we can find a long forgotten relative who changed the world for good. What no one wants to find in their lineage is an unsavoury character who cheated or murdered someone.

When we look at this third beatitude we realise that the flourishing life of the kingdom gets difficult as the beatitudes build on each other. Meekness is the opposite of self, self at the centre of every thought and action. It is a humble, teachable spirit that seeks to obey Christ and his word. It is our hidden life, the roots of character and humility that find identity and meaning in Christ alone that produce a lifestyle of devotion and a steadfast refusal to be impressed with outward appearances.

Eph 2: 1-5 is Paul’s sober assessment of our ancestry going back to the first couple, Adam and Eve. We are saddened to hear about their rejection of God and how they were deceived by the devil to believe there is life outside of God. They chose the tree of death rather than the tree of life. It is really sobering to notice how daily we, their offspring believe similar lies and make similar choices!

1.   Do you think the world around you or you yourself are tempted to think of meekness as weakness?

2.   In what areas has this been a battle?

3.  What do you think Jesus means be inheriting the earth?

4.   Do you think we inherit the kingdom now or in heaven?

5. When you became a Christian what changed? What things of your old life seam most resistant to Christ?



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