Part 5: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst

Food and drink are huge joys in our lives and they are good things given to us by our heavenly Father. In the UK we have an unhealthy preoccupation with food and alcohol and can browse between documentaries on health, food, malnutrition, and obesity. We’re bombarded by adverts that encourage us to eat and drink fast foods that can ruin our lives. We are food obsessed and have a medical alert over our youngsters of a looming Type 2 diabetes disaster. The problem is we love to eat and the more we eat, the more we want to eat.

The fourth beatitude is a beautiful description of the disciple of Jesus living a life of flourishing. Their roots are seeking, growing, and burying themselves into God and his word seeking to find all the vital nutrients for a life in the Spirit. They understand the joy they seek is not to be found in the empty junk foods of selfishness and materialism, the pride this world offers, but in a deeper relationship with God.

It is the simplest observation that just as a tree turns its leaves to the sun and digs its roots into the soil so the apprentice of Christ can be found daily reading and devouring the bible. They are worshippers who turn their faces regularly to the “son” and find love and the filling of the Holy Spirit.


1.  How do you read the bible each week and what time do you set aside for this?

2.  Are you aware of a thirst for spiritual intimacy and walking with the Spirit?

3.  Talk about two or three ways the apprentice of Jesus feeds themselves from the bible each day?

4.  What spiritual habits are you cultivating to enable your life to be one of flourishing and fruitfulness?


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