Part 7: Blessed are the pure in heart

It is embarrassing when paying for an item to be told the money you have just given is either fake or not legal tender. The pound coin is a current example with machines able to quickly sort the pretend from the real. Perhaps more sobering is the fall from grace of politicians, clergy and celebrities who have been previously trusted only to be revealed as hypocrites and pretenders.

In this sixth beatitude Jesus brings his disciples up with the examination of the inner life above outward appearances. God is looking at the heart, emotions and the real us. Our hearts can be either hard or soft, impure or pure. The apprentice of Christ is called to “be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect,” Matt 5:48. We are to have integrity to live out an outer life, springing from an inner love and devotion and happy to be the person God has uniquely made us to be. The promise of purity and integrity is that we see God.


1: What are we to understand by the word “heart” in this beatitude? Have you ever felt the need to fit in and pretend in areas of spirituality and if so in what areas?

2: Do you believe lasting change is possible in impure areas of your life? Do you understand that only God can take away our hearts of stone and bring those changes? 1 Cor 3:6-9 “only God can make it grow”.

4: Are there areas of impurity in your life, be that in the way you think, talk, view or pretend? Talk about these areas and seek to address them through repentance, belief, prayer and ongoing accountability. What do you think Jesus means by they will see God?

5: What hinders you from being open and transparent with your challenges and inner battles? What are your biggest fears? What things do you need to know from God’s word in order to make these changes and live with greater integrity?

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