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Community lunch

King’s Church, Ringwood, UK

The original idea was to hold a lunch for 10-20 old folk that our home group visit a couple of times a year in sheltered housing. However a friend in church who is a chef agreed to be a part of it which meant we could go much bigger! It was advertised as friends of King’s church and was a community lunch in a local church hall. A lady from the URC church in Ringwood had had a similar idea and we joined forces. We had 62 people attend this free event (including helpers). 4 homeless people came as well as all generations. We had decided not to charge anything and were so blessed by people’s generosity from the town and surrounding area. The council also gave us money (more than we asked for) as well as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. In fact we couldn’t spend all the money and have passed some on the the local food bank and started a new homeless project. Two ladies who do not attend church wanted to buy presents for everyone who went, and so Santa visited us with gifts for all.

Non church people also got involved and helped and so we have made connections with them too. We have also had a couple start attending our church as a result of the lunch. It was the most wonderful day and I could tell you so much more but you get the idea!

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