“Partnerships for us are very important, enabling us to do things that we struggle to do by ourselves”.

Steve Petch, writes:

At Welcome Church, Woking, we are involved in a number of fruitful partnerships outside of the Commission Family, and each of these adds to our mission as a church in a different way. The following are just a few examples:

First of all, within our own town, we are partnering with some of the other local churches to deliver both a Foodbank and a Street Angels scheme. We have found that both of these initiatives are best done through a partnership which includes every church that is willing. We have volunteers working in both of these areas, and the impact on the lives of people in need has been significant. It’s also a blessing for those who step up to serve and give their time.

In Woking we have also partnered with the council to deliver some ‘find out more’ evenings for people who are interested in fostering and adoption. These events have been run in our building and have been made available to people from any part of the community, but with a real focus on inviting people from across the churches in town. This has been very well received by the social workers involved.

Further afield we are partnering with a number of churches from across the Newfrontiers family to help provide the funding and support required by a family who are church planting in the Middle East. This is not something we would be able to do on our own due to the specialised nature of what they are doing.

As a church we love to serve the poor, so we have recently launched a partnership with Compassion UK, sponsoring children in the African country of Togo. Togo is one of the least developed countries in the world and poverty there is extreme. Between us we now sponsor 143 children in Togo, and more than 40 children in other countries too. These sponsorships allow people to build a personal relationship with a child in poverty, sending and receiving letters from them. We get to see the difference we are making to their life.

A brand new partnership for us is the debt centre we are setting up with Christians Against Poverty (CAP). We see this new initiative as a chance to move forward in both serving the poor and in evangelistic mission to our town.

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