Behind the Scenes at Westpoint: Site Office

Katie Miller | 4 Nov 2016


Hi I’m Katie and I lead the fantastic Site Office team at Westpoint. It’s hard to describe exactly what goes on in the Site Office but essentially it is the heart of the operations at the event. We look after the servers, team leaders and church coordinators, answering every possible kind of question and directing people to those who will able to help them best. Probably the most random request we’ve had so far is someone needing to iron their shirt (on a campsite?!) but I’m willing to bet there’ll be more weird questions next year too!

There are two aspects to the role that I particularly love. One is that it is incredibly people based. An extrovert by nature, I love being around people and the Site Office is always full of people to chat to and help. You get a variety of individuals through your door and it’s great to be part of a team that is so key in interacting with them. The other thing I love about working in the Site Office is that it is so varied. It can be manically busy or really quite quiet, you can be doing admin tasks one minute and helping a server the next….I don’t get bored because I’m always kept on my toes. You get a completely different perspective on the event in the office and it’s consistently humbling to see how many fantastic servers make the event happen and to be able to help them in what they’re doing.   

I’ve always had a fantastic team around me in the Site Office – people who have been constantly patient, kind and helpful. It helps if you’re someone who can keep a level head in potentially stressful situations – oh and a good sense of humour is pretty essential too!

To those potentially considering joining us for 2017, the Site Office is a great place to serve – to see a completely different side of the event and be part of the team who help keep everything running smoothly. We always manage to have fun serving together and with an almost unlimited supply of tea, biscuits and chocolate to enjoy, it’s a no brainer really!


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