Behind the Scenes at Westpoint: Site Support

Nick Elbro| 24 Jan 2017


CJP Westpoint 16 127My name is Nick Elbro; I’m from New Life Community Church in Fordingbridge. I have been part of the Site Support team at Westpoint for the last three years and have had the privilege of running the team for the last two years. I used to serve at Newday on their support team – I have to say that Westpoint is significantly more relaxing!

Along with my wife, Jenny, I oversee the team throughout the event. This means arriving on the Monday before the event and spending the next three days setting up the site ready for the delegates’ arrival on the Thursday. When we arrive the site is just a bare shell, but once we’re finished, it’s ready and safe for the real event to begin. The transformation is incredible! Throughout the weekend there are 9 shifts that are nicely placed; they’ve been designed in order that we can attend as many of the meetings and seminars as possible.

During the event, it is our role to ensure that each venue is correctly set up for the event taking place. This is typically a seminar setup in the morning and transforming it into a venue for the afternoon activities. This involves moving chairs and tables after the seminars have finished and then resetting it back in the evening. The team is split into two sub-teams, each taking half of the rota. There are three shifts, 8.30am to 10am, 12am to 2pm and 5.30pm to 7pm, of which you’ll either do one or two each day. They are comparatively short shifts set at convenient points throughout the day to ensure you have sufficient down time and can get to the main meetings too. We sometimes get tasks in to support other areas of the event. We have a good supply of tools, equipment and ingenuity!

I love leading and serving with this team. It’s the satisfaction of working in the background and seeing the event progress smoothly. When delegates don’t notice the changeovers – that’s when you know you’ve done the job properly. I love being able to worship in the main sessions and being able to worship in a practical environment too. I also like having to think about the different jobs and challenges that present themselves throughout the week. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing people that love to serve God and get the job done well.

For Westpoint 2017, I need a team of about 5 people to assist with the early set up (Monday to Thursday), then 12 for the event itself and another 5 to assist with the pack down on the final Monday. There are certain personal qualities that would benefit the team. I’m looking for people that are willing to give things a go. I need people that are reliable and can physically move tables and chairs around. The shifts are relatively short, but can involve some lifting and moving around the site. This is a really fun team to be a part of, so a sense of humour is a necessity!

I would challenge you to consider yourself for this role and help me support WP17.

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