Bridport Church Update

Rob Hibbitt| 5 Feb 2016

Bridport1"It seems only yesterday that a small team of 16 adults and 12 children began to meet in the basement of our newly rented house. Beacon Church Bridport is now in its fourth year. We are no longer meeting in a basement, praise God, but a great primary school in the heart of the town. The church is no longer considered a ‘church plant’ but is now a fully-fledged church! It’s taken a lot longer than expected and there have been a few bumps along the way, but God has proved himself faithful time and time again.

Rather than feeling ‘we’ve made it’, we have a deep sense that we are just beginning, as if only the foundations are in place, the scaffolding is up and now comes the real building. We have roughly 30 members now who mainly come from Bridport but we also have groups that come from the surrounding villages and towns and so we gather 50 - 60 adults plus children each Sunday morning.

The beginning of the year can feel like a new day. A new sun rises and a new day breaks and a new year presents itself full of new opportunities, hopes and dreams. We know that a new year will present us with new challenges but also we know that it will also be full of new breakthroughs and new opportunities for God to show Himself faithful again.

Bridport2At the beginning of 2015, we met as leaders of Beacon Church to pray and fast seeking God for direction. We each wrote down three breakthroughs we wanted to see happen during the year. They included both practical breakthroughs such as Beacon Church obtaining a charity number, church offices and a bank account. As well as more spiritual breakthroughs such as a greater and deeper level of worship, new people joining us through salvations or catching our vision, and spiritual gifts being stirred in a greater measure throughout the church. Well, we can safely say that God has proved faithful. He has answered our prayers and has gone over and above in lavishly expressing His grace on Beacon Church.

We’ve seen scores of people getting right with God, others accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, people testifying to being healed from sickness and joint pain, as well as a general church wide desire to grow in spiritual gifts, prayer, worship and folk being baptised. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves! To think we are only three years old and now into our fourth year, being a part of Beacon Church is even more exciting than ever before.

Bridport3So, what does this next year hold for us? Well, I believe that will depend on our response to God’s call on our lives. We were reminded recently that we are God’s treasured possession, that we are his people and we have been called to bring His Kingdom to earth. That means out of a clear understanding of just how much God loves us, being secure and confident in his grace and our position in Christ, we can partner with Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to impact our church, our families and our communities with the good news of the Kingdom of heaven; as well as demonstrate the kingdom in a practical way. We truly believe that ‘Beacon Church will be a house of healing, deliverance, salvation and discipleship’. But this isn’t the primary goal. No, we believe this will be the natural or supernatural consequences of seeking first God’s presence. Jesus is our first love, He is our primary desire and overflowing from our praise and His presence will come the social impact that we long for, here in Bridport and the surrounding area. By aligning our hearts with heaven we will bring heaven down to earth.

Therefore, can I ask all of you who are committed to praying for Beacon Church on a regular basis to be asking God for more of His presence in our meetings, in our day to day activities and in our lives generally. We long for revival! We long for the darkness of this area to be bathed in God’s glorious light. We long for those who are desperate with sickness, pain and diseases to be healed by the mercy and love of God. We’re desperate for the poor, marginalised and homeless to find relief, restoration and reintegration by the transformation of their situations through God’s faithfulness and the saints’ compassion.

James Battens Photos 008We know we are small in number at the moment, but we also know that when Jesus gets His hands on offerings that are presented with a childlike heart, no matter how small, He’ll raise them up offering thanks to His Father and He will multiply all that we give Him.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been praying for us as a church. We appreciate all your efforts, your generosity in prayer and giving of your time. Please continue to join with us in prayer this year so that we will see even more breakthroughs; and please feel free to come and visit any time.

Rob Hibbitt,
On behalf of the Beacon Church Leadership"

 * Photo 1: View from Golden Cap (highest point on the south coast)
Photo 2: Sandstone cliffs at West Bay, made famous by the ITV series Broadchurch)
Photo 3: Colmers Hill
Photo 4: Beacon Church's market stall - giving away cakes, leaflets and tracts


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