Commission and Jubilee+

Miles Jarvis| 23 May 2014

What is Jubilee+? 

Jubilee+ is a team set up originally by the Newfrontiers churches in the UK. They are a team who aim to equip churches to engage more effectively with our communities and, particularly, to help them increase their capacity to serve the poor.

You can find out more at the Jubilee+ website

 The Jubilee+ website is a goldmine of information on social action, justice and enterprise. If you are engaged in any form of church based social ministry then you need to have a look at their website. 

Commission is committed to making disciples and seeing communities transformed and so are working with Jubilee+ on a number of projects. 

One of these is the Churches That Changes Communities conference which will be hosted by Citygate church in October. This is an event not to be missed! 

'The Jubilee+ conference is quite simply the best conference I have ever been to'

                                           Commission church leader

This conference will inspire, equip and empower you and your church to increase your impact in your village, town or city!

Another area of collaboration is a commitment to research that will equip churches in their effectiveness in reaching those whom God has placed around them. Miles Jarvis (Citygate church, Bournemouth) is serving on this research team and having published a paper last year on the impact of churches based debt advice, the research group are researching the impact of church based early years initiatives. Contact Miles through this website if you would like to find out more. 

The good news of the Kingdom needs to penetrate our culture and communities - that is an adventure worth pursuing together. 


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