Commission - where have we come from?

27 Aug 2014

Were you at Westpoint this year wondering where the Commission family of churches has come from? Wondering what has happened to Newfrontiers? 

Newfrontiers UK has developed into five groups - or spheres - of churches as Terry Virgo stepped back from the overall leadership of the Newfrontiers churches. Of course, there are a number of Newfrontiers spheres of churches right across the globe. 

Our mission and values are unchanged - we are groups of churches working together to do more - to see churches started, the Gospel preached, leaders raised and ministry with the poor - and to do that across the nations of the world. 

Picture generally are better than words (especially mine) so have a look at our animation.

Another of the UK spheres has produced a helpful animation to explain the development of the Newfrontiers churches in the UK. Click here to see more. 

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