Commission's HELP day... Not all superheros wear capes!

Katie Miller| 4 Apr 2017

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The role of the administrator is a peculiar one. In my experience the only times people tend to notice you is when you get stuff wrong! 

Not that I’m complaining. I happen to believe the administration is an essential (if perhaps at times unseen) element in effective church life. From organising events to deciding the schedule on a Sunday morning, it is what turns ideas into actions. Part of the reason I love my job and find fulfilment in it is because I can see what those hours of administration can produce, and the people it can impact.

If administration is essential, then good administration is even more so.  I have found that those opportunities I’ve been given to grow and develop in my gifting have led to even better results and even better events. 

When I started this job as an events administrator I didn’t have much direct experience but quite early on, there was an opportunity to be involved with a HELP day we were running. The talks from that day still stick with me in terms of their insight and helpfulness. In fact they are still topics I refer back to when I need the encouragement.

This year’s HELP day includes topics such as “buildings management”, “leading teams”, as well as vital safeguarding training. We’ll also be hearing about how Commission can play the part of an ‘enabler’ in assisting the local church in its mission. 

Can I encourage you to make this HELP day a priority? This is an event about recognising the incredible value of you, our church administrators and releasing you in your gifting as fully as possible. 

Hey, not all superheroes wear capes…


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