CST: A view from a 39-year-old!

Dave Everitt| 16 Jan 2017

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In my role heading up the Coign 20s 30s group, I was an automatic “YES” for going to CST last year. However, as a “late 30’s”, I was apprehensive about how I would fit into a Students & 20s event…!

There were around 35 of us from the Coign that went down to Portsmouth to join many others from across Commission (mainly under the age of 25) in the Guildhall.

The energy during worship was amazing – brilliantly led by the worship team from Exeter. From newer worship songs, through to loads of old classic hymns with a modern, dynamic beat – each worship session saw us drawn up into worshipping our King.

 The preaching was excellent. It ranged from brilliantly thought-through messages on life and creation by Adrian Holloway, to dynamic calls to living all-out for Jesus by Guy Miller – the preaching both stirred and inspired. There was also a brilliant session– with many people responding to a challenge brought by Steve Petch to respond to God’s call on their lives was something amazing to witness.

 There were also a range of excellent seminars – relevant for a full spectrum from students through to those holding great influence in the business world.

 Something that we from the Coign really enjoyed was also having quality time together, without the pressures of getting in and out of services on a Sunday or without the pressure of collecting or crowd-controlling kids!

 Am I going to CST 2017? I’m still heading up our 20s 30s group – so yes!

Would I want to go anyway? YES!

 It’s exciting that CST 2017 is in London. And the fact that it’s for 1 day gives a lot more people across the 20s 30s category a great opportunity to go -  those with kids may well be able to find a 1-day babysitter!

 Oh – and I’ve heard rumours that those who pay £10 to attend CST will also qualify for a FREE Servers Tickets for Westpoint 2017 – saving £125! I’m no professor, but that sounds like good maths…!

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