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Miles Jarvis| 17 Oct 2016

Good To Go

When Jesus said, ‘and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth’ (Acts 1:8) it was quite a statement considering the tiny number of men and women who knew Him at that time. But what an impact those individuals went on to have on the world around them.

Generations later, the echoes of that impact is still seen, and the words of Jesus to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ continue to resound with us like the clear ringing of a bell. But our mission is not complete, and so it falls to us to continue to give all our energy to seeing it fulfilled.

Many people feel the call to go, whether local, national or international. Some may respond at a conference, feeling somehow that they need to get involved and play their part in the Great Commission.

Perhaps that is you.

So what happens now? How do you take a next step?

If you are wondering this, and looking for some advice, or perhaps wondering how Commission actually works, or asking questions like:

  • What is apostolic mission anyway?

  • Where are Commission working?

  • What about where Commission are not working?

Then our ‘Good to Go’ day is for you.

These are the common questions people are asking when coming on ‘Good to Go’ which we explore through a mixture of interactive talks, seminars and group work. You can even send in specific questions you may have when you book.

Some of our key leaders will be speaking and available to talk to throughout the day. We finish with a time of worship and response, which can be key moments to be open to the Holy Spirit, so it is a day not to be missed.

Each time we run this day people are not only encouraged, but spurred on to make decisions that radically change their lives - moving town, county or even nation - to play their part.

Just as with the early disciples, what we do with our lives will echo through eternity.

What will your life say?


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Or for more information, see this video with Chris Kilby about the heart behind the day:


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