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Marilyn Jaques| 14 Sep 2016

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Commission is putting on a Conference for the over 55s.  So why, you may well ask?

Here at Citygate Church in Bournemouth we have seen an exciting development as several newly retired couples have moved into the church over the last few years.  We think God must have a plan for us.

Yes, of course we have largely moved to Bournemouth due to retirement from full time employment, but, increasingly we have been aware that putting our feet up is not the plan God has for our age group.  As the number of older people in the country rises, we see no reason why God wouldn’t use us to speak to our generation.   In a rapidly changing world there are many opportunities to come alongside people and be Jesus to them.

At Westpoint this year, we were encouraged ‘to wind up’ not ‘to wind down’.  Many of us who were there felt so privileged as the older generation to pray for the younger  generation’ of 15 - 30 year olds.

Earlier this year, the idea of putting on a Conference was birthed and with a little trepidation shared.  However, there was no need to be reticent, the response was one of enthusiasm and support.  It felt as if there was a momentum that we ourselves were not generating.  It felt like ‘a God thing’.

As the publicity for the conference says “A day to encourage, inspire, motivate and challenge’.   We also hope it will be a day of laughter.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember anyone’s name or where you last met them.   We are most probably all in the same boat!

We can find ourselves thinking ‘What happened, how did retirement creep up on me? There is so much more I want to do.’  Perhaps the Conference will be the start of God saying  ‘There is so much more I have for you.’

So, what’s not to love about a daytrip to Bournemouth, or perhaps making it a short break, and meeting up with like minded people and praising our God?

...oh and apologies in advance if we can’t remember your name!


To book your place on the conference, please click here 


If you haven't seen it already, watch the video where John Hosier tells us about the event.


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