Foundation's blog: Angela's Testimony

Angela Vaine | 8 May 2017


My name is Angela Vaine, I’ve been married to Geoff for 33 years, we have 3 grown up sons and an ever growing family. Geoff and I have lived in delightful Bridport for nearly 5 years. We are part of the Leadership Team at Beacon Church Bridport and we were asked if we’d like to attend the 2 year Foundations Future Leadership Course in 2013-2014. At the time of applying only one place was available and it was decided that I should attend then. Geoff is currently studying on this year’s Foundations Course in Bournemouth.

I was initially unsure of all this as I hadn’t been in a classroom environment for many years after working mostly from home, importantly raising a family and caring for people through childminding and leading small groups within the Church. I guess I doubted my ability, if I’m being completely honest, with studying the Bible in such depth. I quickly found how interesting and absorbing it was to take this great opportunity to learn so much more. I found I enjoyed the teaching, discussions and forums. We worked through the Grasping God’s Word textbook where I began to see how I could understand so much more of the meaning of the Bible. How to grasp scripture from the original culture and carry it over to its continuing relevance in our lives today. It was very good working alongside people of different ages, abilities and experience and I didn’t feel out of my depth at all.

Grasping God’s Word is an excellent description of how Scripture became clearer for me. It gave me a greater love of reading the Bible and I was able to spend a lot more time reading. Going to the Course enabled me to dedicate this time for reading and studying and it helped be to be disciplined with the work I needed to do at home. We worked a lot online, completing essays and an Exegesis.

I enjoyed contributing in joint group studies and discussions as I found my life’s experiences were often relevant to the subjects studied. I enjoyed the experience of studying again and how I was able to give more time in the Classroom setting, to reading through the Bible in so much more depth. The training, seminars and Coursework stretched me and I have found more confidence when I’ve been speaking to various groups, either at the Conference we’ve put on in our Church or in our various Alpha or Outreach Events & Meetings.  It’s benefited me with my work within the Church, pastorally and running small day groups and increasingly in our Community outside & around the Church. I would heartily recommend it to everyone.


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