Guy's Christmas Poem

Guy Miller| 19 Dec 2017

 Gareth -harper -175342

Shepherds outside on dark hills tend their sheep,

Flocks to keep watch, fires they keep,

Stars shine above in blackest of ink,

Outsiders all mired in detrious stink,


Mary and Joseph outside Bethlehem’s town,

Cattle straw manger not feathers soft down,

New born child  in rough wooden cradle,

Outsiders all in crude cattle stable,


Magi on camels, summoned outside the nation,

Bright star guides with great tribulation,

Herod’s disguise fawning worship to bring,

Outsiders all to Isaiah’s promised king,


Jesus the king, outside earth’s finite time,

Eternity enters King David’s blood line,

Outside of space, now clothed in flesh frailty,

Outsiders invited to see  heavens divinity,


Insiders now each Church God’s display,

Once Lonely, bewildered, confused  or dismayed,

Jesus, He saves,  God’s love  reached those lost,

Heavens door open, God’s Son the full cost.





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