Guy's Latest Blog: A London Poem

Guy Miller| 30 Jan 2017

London Poem
Heather and I feel like children at a sweet shop walking the lanes of old London Town. And to catch you up in our travel I thought maybe a poem using children's nursery rhyme threads might weave together a tapestry on your imaginations. So leaving Waterloo station and walking the sights of our Capital City you will see...


I spy, in London sky,

With blue backdrop, the London Eye,

Ding, Dong Bell, Big Ben is swinging well, 

Westminster Palace, Thames river swell.


The wheels on the buses, go round and round, 

Round and round, Red leviathans, Eating ground, 

Westminster Bridge is swarming now, swarming now, 

Swarming now, rush hour city!


Hickory Dickory Dock, 

Huge crowds around the clock, 

The clock strikes eight, as people wait,

For Selfies at Downing Gate,

Round and round the Parliament Square,

Winston Churchill, Mandela stare.


They are changing the guard at Buckingham Palace,

Horse guard’s parade for girls called Alice.

Georgie, Corgis, Queens and Kings,

Down the Mall to pigeon wings.


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, 

National Gallery by Nelson know.

To market, to market, 

To buy a hog roast

Covenant Garden Market

Street performers host.


Oranges and Lemons, 

Says the hawkers and sellers.

Sing a song of sixpence

A pocket full of change

China Town then Soho,

Shop windows weird and strange.


It's raining it's pouring, cold wind is gnawing

A latte, a Costa, we all pour down. 


Polly put the kettle on, kettle on

Polly put the kettle on we’re all worn out.


Hey, diddle, diddle, a poem, a riddle, 

Heather and I over the moon,

May The Chapel now laugh and see such fun,

With blessing, revival please soon.


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