Guy's Latest Blog- A trip to Madrid

Guy Miller | 6 Mar 2017

Greta -scholderle -moller -110601Heather and I have just returned from an excellent weekend trip to Madrid to visit the wonderful city centre church ‘Cristo Salvador’ buzzing with life and full of faith. If you ever want an example of Commission’s vision being worked out in practice, visit Cristo Salvador and witness lives transformed.

We began our time in Madrid with meeting the Iberian Team- Kevin, Mike and Andrew Shore. God was so clearly with these men, as indeed He is on these first fruit churches. They brought news that all five churches are breaking new ground. The prophetic direction for the day gave us new strategy, with a picture of digging wells all over Iberia (representing new church sites), and a picture of building dams in strategic locations to generate power reaching the desert parts (representing existing ‘resource’ churches).

Heather and I spent the rest of the weekend eating tapas, catching the excellent Metro to meet a whole range of key people. Once again we thanked God for pioneering families and individuals who have left or are leaving the UK to learn the language and build a church. The church in Madrid is now majority Spanish and seeing new people join and has baptisms regularly. Joy was our strength and encouragement in every meeting and Heather loved speaking the lingo!

An exciting final outcome was a confirmed shared passion in Commission for South America. A number of people in the church are from South America, some of them want to return who may open doors for us to fulfil the prophetic word we’ve had over us as a movement.

We come back to the UK and to London thanking God and feeling in our bones that the work in Iberia is just about to see exponential growth.




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