Guy's Latest Blog: CST is almost here!

Guy Miller | 5 Jan 2017

1 Month To Go

Heather and I have been praying for this years CST, believing God for a life changing weekend for each delegate. I am always challenged by the gospel narratives of Jesus calling those first disciples. Tax collectors, prostitutes, fraudsters and even smelly fishermen heard and responded to Jesus call of "come follow me". They left everything and gained eternity.

CST is only one day, it is in the wonderful Westminster Chapel in the heart of London and we have Tope Koleoso speaking. Tope is a dear friend of mine and wonderful communicator and equipper. There will be a variety of seminars to choose from, Heather and I have been asked to speak and take questions on masculinity and femininity a relevant and vital subject for our modern world.

I have the enormous joy of finishing the day with painting the big picture of God's plans and purposes for todays world and your unique colour and part in this. We want this session to be one of joy and release with a powerful ministry time. I believe the day will have something for everyone and would love to see the room full of people encountering Jesus and saying "yes" to his call.

We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information about the event and to book click here.


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