Guy's Latest Blog: Global Gathering 2016

Guy Miller | 26 Oct 2016

CJP Westpoint 16 Sun 110

Our holiday in Scotland was fantastic, fishing, walking and lots of take away meals! Wanting to kill an hour whilst Heather had her hair cut, I visited a local chemist and decided to weigh myself. The printed ticket told me I was “obese”! Now true I was wet and carrying a rucksack but coming back home I did feel sluggardly and knew it was time to get back into shape, to be fit for the next lap of the race or bout in the boxing ring.

The Global 2016 gathering of Newfrontiers apostolic leaders and teams felt vaguely similar to our Scottish break. Breathtaking views of God’s global purposes, new apostolic fishermen added to the crew, and food, more food and yet more! Morbidly obese!

It was great fun to be in the room together, a new sense of relaxed partnership, prophetic encouragement for “a new block buster movie” where each person had a script to read. PJ painted a picture of what we in one generation together might achieve in our shared mission and Dave D talked about our Global impact and Global voice. Punching on our own we achieve limited success but combined together we can bring impact and influence way beyond what we have seen so far. Within a number of the spheres those with growing ability to speak and write for a wider Christian audience. Together a bigger voice.

Commission churches are believing for “ thousands of lives transformed, through hundreds of churches, in tens of nations. Multiply this across our Newfrontiers family and in our wildest imaginations Newfrontiers together in the next 30 years may well affect millions of lives, with thousands of churches across the entire world. We are more together than we are on our own!

We each have been given a script - let's not fluff our lines!


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