Guy's Latest Blog: Prayer is the key that unlocks our vision

Guy Miller | 18 Nov 2016

Bible 5

When we hear a clear vision of "thousands of lives transformed, through hundreds of churches, in tens of nations" we get excited and our minds picture our churches having baptisms every month. We imagine hearing stories from hairdressers, businessmen, big issue sellers, doctors and neighbours telling how their lives have been turned around though a simple invitation. Tears flow over our cheeks as we hear story after story of Muslims, atheists, so called Christians who have encountered Jesus and been filled with the liquid love of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer is the key that unlocks our vision. But how should you and I be praying this day, in 2016 approaching the Christmas festivities?

Imagine with me two men, escapees from prison, smelling of prison, bruises and welts on their necks and forearms. They see loved ones hugging, weeping and embracing these early disciples who they had given up for dead. Listen to the conversations, the fear in the room, the hush that falls as Peter and John ask for one thing in prayer. They asked for boldness. Read their words "Now Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness" Acts 4:29

Boldness?! I might imagine safety, peace, discernment maybe a bit of justice but certainly not boldness.

They were totally focused on God and his heart for the lost and knew the churches biggest need was boldness. I know it is my greatest need as well. My tongue goes as dry as the bottom of a parrots cage, my words jumble like ping pong balls in a lottery machine, I stutter and blather about every other thing but the one person I most love, his name is Jesus.

So pray, right now, as you read this blog, and know Jesus is praying for you as I am praying for you and all of us in the Commission family. Boldness to hold a party, boldness to go carol singing, boldness to stand up at the staff social, boldness to buy a coffee for the Big issue person, boldness to say come with me and I will do you good. But most of all boldness to speak the name of Jesus and to proclaim He is alive.



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