Guy's latest blog: Thoughts from Commission Prayer

Guy Miller| 13 Mar 2017

IMG_7949Wow and double wow, what an incredible God focused time at Commission Prayer these past few days. Fantastic worship, anthems and spiritual songs, singing in the Spirit and joy and freedom to minister and pray with family members. We had prophetic encouragement from the story of Caleb to embrace our adventure and speak faith to one another and to our churches that God is really going to give us thousands of lives transformed, through hundreds of churches, in tens of nations. God was saying “now is a time of mobilisation and multiplication”. I loved the fact so many took part, I enjoyed the SURE leads sharing their hearts and felt equipped through Malcolm's Psalm 90 word to be about a work that counts for eternity.

I have come away with a real sense that as we come to Westpoint many of us will come laden with the first fruits of salvation, breakthroughs, new buildings, church adoptions, healings, new ministries, new nations and our times together will be times of great joy and encouragement in God. These past two days we have already been hearing news of new sites, 100's on Alpha courses, doors opening in Serbia, buildings being given to us and it has left me scratching my head and saying "God you are amazing, what is Westpoint going to be like this year?"

It also caused me to think of the New Frontiers prayer day in London on July 5th. I think it is so vital for leaders to gather and pray for a deeply divided UK, to stand in the gap, and to drink deeply in God. I am convinced that the stories we’ll hear will breathe life into every leader present, bless every church and catapult us further into our kingdom mission. I am praying for 500 plus to gather at Westminster Chapel and for heavens rain upon this time.


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