Guy's latest blog: What a dream!

Guy Miller| 1 Sep 2016


I woke up the day after Westpoint and wondered “did I just dream all that?”

Did we really invite Mark Jobe and Phil Moore to be among us, to so ruin our lives? Did we really hear God’s compelling vision for us ofthousands of lives transformed, through hundreds of churches in tens of nations? Can we sing the song of the barren woman and believe God for a doubling in all things by faith? Did we hear the offering total right, a doubling of last year and a tripling of the year before that?
Wow, Wow, Wow, I feel like an Israelite who has just crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land, high fiving my family, laughing at what looked impossible now crossed and rejoicing in the God of miracles. We together answered God’s question “are you all in?”, with a yes, yes, yes! But this was just the beginning of the next adventure, Jericho lay before them, as did a new way of living that changed everything.
All in with our money was the first step to all in with our people, all in with a life of risk, all in with releasing people to the mission. “The biggest risk we can take is not to risk it all for God.”
My prayer on this first week after Westpoint is for every Commission church member, every leader, every 15-30 year old following Mark Jobe around the auditorium, every child and young person touched, to live in the good of all we heard.  To be clear sighted that God wants to bless us and inherit a double portion, not just in our own lives but also with souls, churches, miracles and nations.
My loving and heartfelt advice to each and every family member of Commission is to listen and watch every main stage talk again, and then pray asking God for a new perspective, a new day, a new way of living.
The doubling of our offering surely was heaven’s encouragement to believe for a doubling in everything else. A doubling in the number of baptisms and healings. A doubling of leaders released, church adoptions, and growth of churches. A doubling of the number of nations becoming part of our family. I believe Westpoint 2016 was a game changer and that now the real work begins, Jericho is before us and as are new ways to battle to see breakthrough. Every one of us must take steps of faith, tell our stories and enter into our Promised Land expecting a double portion.

Bill Hybels calls visions 'holy entrustments'! He also says to “squander a vision from God is an unthinkable sin!”

Pray for me, and pray for your leaders that with this huge grace gift we may risk it all for God and our mission.

Much love, 



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