Heather's Blog: Thoughts from Portugal

Heather Miller| 2 May 2017

PortugalGuy and I have just returned from our annual visit to Portugal. The sun doesn’t always shine there there but this time we were greeted by blue skies from our landing to the return flight. The roses were out and the orange trees flowering, the sweet scent as enticing as the actual fruit which you can also pick, eat and enjoy. 

We were collected from the airport by Andrew and Lucy and taken to their home in Porto where we spent time with their three delightful  boys and caught up with news about the church and its steady growth. New converts bring the challenge of discipleship and they have spent much time doing this over the last few months.

On the Friday morning we were driven inland to Penafiel and Mike, Guy and Andrew met for the morning to discuss strategy for Portugal as a whole. Heather and Jessica spent the morning with the triplets and marvelled at how well they are doing but what hard work it is looking after three babies!

On the Saturday we were joined with Mike, Jessica and leaders from Porto, Penafiel and the Algarve. Guy spoke on the SURE strategy with the story of New Frontiers, Commission and our own journey weaving through. ‘Going not knowing’ to become a life style for us all!  

On Sunday Guy preached in Porto in the morning followed by lunch with some of the leaders before driving back to Penafiel for the evening meeting. At both venues he spoke about discipleship and we had a wonderful opportunity to pray for a large group pf people afterwards.

We feel hugely privileged to be part of Commission Portugal. The evangelical church is so small there but every time we visit there are visitors in the churches, new converts and stories of healing and deliverance, what a joy!




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