Impact Training

14 Sep 2015

Impact Training is a year given over full time to God, to learn to think and live biblically. It is a mix of theological training, church based project work, personal discipleship and skills based training. Last week our current Impacters had their first training block of the year up at the Bristol base. Here’s what a few of them had to say:


Sarah Meade: “The first block of Impact training was amazing, they threw you straight into the deep stuff such as doctrine of the scripture, going through Romans and discussing the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts. It was great reading through Romans and learning about how immense God’s grace and love for us is.”

Faye Bowden: “The first IMPACT training block was both challenging and exciting. After spending the weekend meeting other Impacters from other Commission churches from across the South, we had three intense teaching days during which we studied scripture, prayed for one another and spent time worshipping God. It was a great kick-start to what I anticipate will be a year of enlarging my comfort zone and learning more about what it means to serve God and live life for Him. I'm expecting the unexpected!”

Impact2Tobias Stevens: “The first week of Impact training was refreshingly intense. Having a couple of days of ice-breaker challenges really helped to know the other Impacters and make friends, who are all similar ages and are all God driven. The 3 days training were intense but was rewarding to everyone there. At the end of the week I was even more excited to get back and start my year at Citygate.”

We're excited to see what God is going to do this year and will keep you updated on this year's Impacters! 


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