Impact Update - Centre Parcs

12 Jan 2016

Last week, Impacters from New Ground, Commission, Catalyst, Hedge End, CCK and Relational Mission met for a week together in Centre Parcs for teaching and worship. 103 students were there in total with Mike Betts, the Kings Arms Bedford Team, Andrew Wilson, David Devenish and Joel Virgo speaking to them.

We asked some of our Commission Impacters how they found the week. We hope you're as encouraged as we are about what they had to say:

Centreparcs2"I didn’t think God would ever speak to me as much as He has this week. I’ve experienced freedom in areas that I didn’t know I could and have never felt more secure as God’s precious child. I am so excited to go and live the life God has planned for me, for I know it’s going to be an adventure." – Brigid Beney

"I have had an incredible week and had so much freedom brought into my life from past experiences. Also God has healed my knee and right side! God is so good!" - Joelle Stephens

"I had such a great time that I literally felt God our Father did more than I had thought, asked or imagined. It was also a great break from the busyness of the Impact Course, and other necessary important issues." – Tony Odiase

"I loved Centerparcs! It helped me a lot. I’ve processed so many bad past experiences and it literally freed me completely! I’ve cried a lot and it was really emotional, but an amazing experience at the same time. We had so much fun and I’ve built many friendships. Time of my life. I’m gonna miss it." – Jana Hlava

"It’s been good having dedicated time with God just as some bad things have started within the week. Been good praying through it every day and feeling more finalised on my calling." – Joshua Clark

"This week has opened my eyes to the amazing gift of prophecy that God has given me, and I now have a new sense of awe for everything He is doing in my life!" - Kim Whittle

Centreparcs 1

"God dealt with issues in my heart I didn’t realise were there. He has made me anew and I can’t wait for adventure with him." – Emily Brace

"It’s been a great time understanding spiritual gifts more, being encouraged by God’s word and enjoying fellowship with one another." – Ruaridh Wallace

"God’s love and peace hit me so hard in the prayer tunnel I fell on the floor twice! The feeling was amazing. Jesus rocks!" - Jacob Larby

"A great time spending time with God, hearing his voice and seeing him move in radical ways. A blessed time of fun, fellowship and freedom." – Joanna Whitaker

"Great getting to know each other and pray with one another about what God has for us all." – Jon Buckley

"Centerparcs has been sweet! Been set free from disappointment in God!" - Paul Carr

"The week at Centerparcs was a well-timed break from routine; I have never felt so secure in knowing that I am loved by God and that he is my Father. It was great to spend so much time learning about who he is and what being a follower of Jesus really means for our lives. I feel refreshed and ready for whatever is next!" - Faye Bowden



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