JubileePlus research - can you help?

25 Apr 2016

Jubilee+ had launched a major new research project to understand more about how the church cares for the older person.

Can you help? Are you involved in your church with caring for the older person?

Within our nation there is growing awareness of the challenges being faced by older people. Not only are there more and more older people in the UK, but there are also increasing pressures on state social care and healthcare infrastructure. According to an Age UK survey in December 2014, 2.9 million older people (65+) in Great Britain feel they have no one to turn to for help and support. 

This needs the response of many agencies and individuals. Jubilee+ have felt a particular leading from God as to how the Church can respond. 

As part of our initial response to this challenge, their research programme is now turning its focus to the impact of church-based initiatives for older people. They are conducting a survey and would encourage anyone participating in a church-based initiative for older people to help us by completing it, and/or encouraging others to do so. We are ideally hoping for responses both from project leaders/team members and the older people who participate.

The online survey can be found here. They have also created a printable template questionnaire for those who prefer it – you can download the version for leaders/team members here and the version for older people who participate in church-based initiatives here. (Please return downloaded surveys to research@jubilee-plus.org or to Jubilee+, c/o Barnabas Church Centre, Longden Coleham, Shrewsbury, SY3 7DN.) 

Following our 2014-5 investigation into Parent and Toddler groups, Jubilee + published their recommendations on how such groups could be more successful and impactful. This was well received. They aim to do the same based on this survey, publishing later this year.

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