Madrid Update!

3 Dec 2015

Commission is an international family of churches and as well as nearly 50 churches in the UK, we have churches in India, Spain and Portugal in addition to various connections with other nations. As Commission we believe we can achieve more together than we can apart and it's always exciting to be able to share news from our churches.  


In Madrid, Kevin Bartlett and his team have recently enjoyed their official launch as a church, Cristo Salvador (Christ the Saviour). This included: 

  • Baptisms in a river just outside the city
  • An open mic night mostly for the young singles in a bar in the city centre
  • Launch series on Sundays on: Is God real? Is God dead? Is God good?
  • A quiz and supper party
  • A launch Sunday with vision and gift day

Here's what Kevin had to say: 

"In terms of guests to the open mic night and quiz and supper there were around 50-60 (not including church folk) at each event. We even had extra people wanting to get to the quiz but there was no more space! Throughout the month we have had around 100 different people (not connected to the church and most non-Christians) attend one or more of our events.


In terms of the Baptisms and Sunday events the number of guests ranged from 1-2 people to 8-10 people. This is pretty standard in Madrid where it is notoriously difficult to get people to attend an evangelical church service. Bit by bit it is changing though.

However, numbers don't capture reality. Ness and myself have lived in Madrid nearly five years and we've built some very deep friendships. On our launch Sunday alone there were 9 other people from our neighbourhood who were there because of their connection with our family. It's not rapid but the gospel is starting to ripple out and we're encouraged for the future. 

We also raised 12,180 euros in the gift day with more coming in next week. All I can say is that God loves me!"

It's so encouraging to read about this church community in the heart of Spain, let's continue to pray for them! 



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