Newbury Update!

10 Sep 2015

NewburyIn November 2014 we shared with you that Mark Landreth-Smith from Camberley was going to Newbury to start a church there in early 2015. Nearly a year on from that date we asked Mark to give us an update. Here's what he had to say:

"Bridge Church Newbury is doing well 9 months on. Families from other Commission churches in Camberley, Winchester, Billingshurst and Bournemouth have moved to Newbury to help establish the new church. Mark, Beverley and Phoebe Landreth-Smith are enjoying the new adventure of faith – with Beverley running Bridge Kids and Phoebe leading worship. Highlights have been a few coming to faith in Christ and 5 being baptised plus 4 different meeting venues! The plan this term is to broaden leadership and to roll out Small Groups across West Berkshire."

It's really encouraging to read this and please join us as we continue to pray for the church group in Newbury. 


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