Next steps in world mission training

Miles Jarvis| 13 Aug 2014

Are you called to be involved in cross cultural mission? 

Have you taken the first steps but now looking for more in depth training?

If so, then the Broadcast World Mission training will equip and prepare you for long term mission overseas. 

As part of our package of cross cultural mission training, Commission is using Broadcast, a development of the Newfrontiers training program for overseas missionaries that has been in operation for over a decade.  

The world mission stream of Broadcast exists to equip those looking to serve the gospel overseas by providing training in cross-cultural mission. 

The training is a follow on from the 'Good To Go' day, the first of which is on 27th September 2014. Find out more about this day here

The Broadcast training is delivered via an online platform using online talks delivered by an expert in the field followed by Q&A and discussion. Find out more here

Broadcast works best if a small group gather together to participate in the online talks, as learning happens best in community. The ideal scenario is for a group to be co-ordinated by a church or a number of churches who are geographically close together. 

This Autumn 2014 we are hoping to roll out at least two groups, depending on levels and location of interest. 

If you would be interested in accessing this training, please contact us via the website. 


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