Storms hit both home and away

Miles Jarvis| 6 Dec 2015

Doubtless you will have been following the news about Storm Desmond hitting the north of England and Scotland leaving tens of thousands without power, over 1000 evacuated from homes and still with peak floodwater levels to hit on Sunday morning...

Did you also know that thousands of miles away, the city of Chennai, the 5th-largest in India, has been hit by torrential rains, the worst in 100 years, and have brought the city to a standstill. 300 deaths have been reported, thousands, and it is estimated that it will take years to rebuild. 

Chennai Floods

The Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, emergency services and NGOs, have joined in rescue efforts and are helping as many of the flood affected victims as they can. The rain is easing, meaning that relief can be taken into worst affected areas.

Please join us in praying for these situations both at home and away:

  • Pray for the relief effort - that people will be reached with food and medical aid
  • Pray for those who have been made homeless through this crisis 
  • Pray for those who are suffering without power, drinking water, and food 
  • Pray for the emergency services in the UK and India, as they work through the night to rescue people, clear roads and bring relief
  • Pray for the families who lost family and loved ones
  • Finally, pray for the re-building effort that will be needed and for lives to be restored as soon as possible

Remember, prayer is our greatest weapon! Let's use it as Paul tell us Epaphrus did (Col 4:12) - wrestling in prayer, earnestly seeking God to work in both these difficult situations. 



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