Transforming Communities Summer Series

Miles Jarvis| 7 Jun 2016

We love to share stories from around the Commission churches, so I'm delighted to introduce this short summer series celebrating all that is happening in the communities that God has placed us. 

IMG 4131Looking around it is easy to get overwhelmed with the need, but as Mother Theresa was once asked, "how do you feed all those people?", she famously replied, "one person at a time".

From Foodbanks to gardening projects; debt advice to running a Job Club, there is so much that goes on week by week across our churches, faithfully impacting the lives of individual people. Lives touched, often in the simplest of ways, but through which kindness and compassion ushers in the Kingdom of God. 

We've interviewed people across the UK Commission churches, and every week for the next seven weeks we will tell one of their stories, and hear what they have learned in the ministry God has called them to.

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