Why does Commission run the Father's Heart Conference?

Rachel Bridle| 27 Feb 2017

9wg 5jcepbsw -rohit -tandon (1)We know how great Father God is, of course.  Many of us have known Him for years; we've been there, got the t-shirt.  We're members, leaders, elders.  We know about the Father's heart for us and his awesome love - He's adopted us, made us his children, He's our perfect Father.  We know that.

But God is doing something new and amazing across our nation where He is bringing fresh revelation and experience to foundational truths; we're beginning to experience what having Him as Father can really mean for us, and it's fabulous to watch and experience the transformation this brings to lives.

Imagine having so much courage that, despite natural timidity, you're able to talk to anyone about how amazing God is; imagine being able to offer to pray for your waitress when you notice an injury and imagine being brave enough to pray more than once.  Imagine bringing prophetic words on the streets; imagine being a voice when you never felt you had one; imagine asking your kid's secular school if you can start prayer meetings for them; imagine being able to stand for integrity and honour in a workplace and watch how that changes atmospheres. Imagine making small daily acts of faith and seeing big results.

The Father wants to bring us a revelation of His love for us which is so overwhelming that our dreams for those around us get fulfilled as God flows through us - after all, if we're secure in Him, if we really know that He'll never let us down, that He never disapproves of us and His heart towards us is constantly good, then why wouldn't we be courageous.  His perfect love really does get rid of fear - amazing!

Knowing the Father's love impacts everything within us.  It stops us comparing - "are they a better Christian than me, a better parent than me, a better worship leader than me, better at speaking to non Christians than me?"  If we are honest these are questions many of us ask. Comparing ourselves to others paralyses us; we end up doing nothing out of fear of what others will think, or we feel things must be done the 'right way'. Knowing increasing depths of the Father's love helps us realise that we can be who we were made to be, and so step out boldly for Him.  Who cares what people think - don't you know, I have the approval of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Knowing the Father means we know that we have complete access to Him, for all we need - whether material needs or that deep experience of intimacy with Him that we long for.  Just as a hungry teenager raids the fridge of his parent's home, so we also, as Father God's children, have open access to all of Heaven's resources - we don't need to reach a standard of behaviour because our 'fridge rights' were given to us at salvation.  Just as a teenager puts his feet on the coffee table, and sits next to dad and they chat and eats snacks, so we have access to an intimacy with the Father that is unimaginable, unexplainable and absolutely joyful.  We can come with full confidence!  No striving required.  Do I need courage to talk to that bus passenger?  I get it from the Father.  Do I need more compassion to feel a little how God feels?  I call on the Father.

The journey of knowing the Father and His love never ends; we never 'tick the box' of knowing the Father's love completely, what great news!  The more we know His love, the more we realise we haven't even scratched the surface. The more we know His love, the more sheer joy comes to us and that has huge impact on those around us, especially to those that don't know him.  The more we know His love, the more courageous we become.  It's a never ending, exciting, absorbing adventure with Him.

We run the Father’s Heart Conference because, put simply, transformed people transform the world!

For more information about the Father's Heart Conference, please see the events page here. 


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