Wimborne Update!

26 Nov 2015

In November 2014 we shared with you that Sam and Amy Priest from Citygate Church, Bournemouth were going to Wimborne to start a church there in October 2015. A year on from that date we asked Sam to give us an update. Here's what he had to say:

11148485_1645139399080601_7245450470944046482_o"For over 20 years, people living in Wimborne have been praying for a church to be planted in the town. For a time I was one of those, having grown up in the area, but little did I know that God was going to use me to see those prayers answered.

Last year my wife Amy and I felt God’s call to move to Wimborne and start a new church, so in January 2015 we relocated from Bournemouth with our two young boys to the town centre, and have been blown away by God’s blessing and provision since. God has drawn people to the plant from across Commission and non-commission churches from as far away as Canterbury. The majority of these I did not know and had no contact with prior to the plant and yet God in His wisdom has drawn a wide range of people with differing ages, experience, and gifting to us, giving us an excellent core team.

On October 11th we held our first meeting of Good News Church and have been meeting weekly since then. God has been faithful and we have seen around 50 gather on a weekly basis. Every week we’ve had guests; we’ve had non-Christians amongst us, one who is now a regular attender; we’ve seen healings and heard God speak. We’re excited to see our first salvation and baptism as we pursue God’s glory in the town and are humbled that God would choose this time and use us in His plans and in His timing to answer the prayers of so many." 

It's really encouraging to read this and please join us as we continue to pray for the church group in Wimborne.  

For more information about the church see www.goodnews-church.co.uk


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