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by | Jun 30, 2018 | Guy Miller's Blog

Guy Miller

Apostolic leader, Commission

I felt as though I had arrived in Narnia, sitting in a magical garden with stone towers, exotic sculptures and moss covered boulders with bubbling streams. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a faun or centaur trot past or even for Aslan to make an appearance!

This is Sintra, a range of lush green hills to the North of Lisbon, an area once fought over by Moors and Christians which later to became a playground for the rich, building sumptuous palaces and gardens. After WW2 much of this area was left unloved and neglected to be reclaimed by nature, awaiting those with the vision to restore and replant.

I sit and think of the church, here in Iberia and across the globe, so much ignored and neglected by the modern world. Buildings tired and dilapidated, gardens strewn with rubbish, springs dry, congregations like frozen stone statues with sad expressions.

The breath of Aslan, the end of winter, the restoration of the church must be our prayer for this day. Springs to flow, seed sown, lives like flowers in full bloom full of colour and fragrance. Restoration is about glory and majesty. People loosing themselves in something bigger and beautiful. It is that sense of awe and wonder, seeing beyond our limitations and to a God who created and in whom is life.

I believe in restoring the church to all the New Testament says she should be, though many critics, she has no equals. Our nations may like quaint dilapidated church but they deserve more. A generation that rolls up its sleeves to reveal all the beauty that belongs to Christ’s bride, the church.

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