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Don’t just come to Westpoint … make it happen.

We couldn’t run Westpoint without the small army of volunteers who help with everything from car-parking to kids work. So when you book in, don’t forget to choose your team.

How much can you save?

With so many options for serving, the biggest decision is what team would you like to join? Check out the tables for each area of serving to help you compare and choose which team is best for you. The links below will give you more details on the requirements for each role.

Kids work

Team (link to more info) Time Commitment Saving
Parent and Child Area 4 sessions £50
Kids 3s 3 sessions £75
Kids 4-5s 3 sessions £75
Kids 6-8s (Part-time) 4 sessions £75
Kids 6-8s (Full-time) All sessions £100
Kids 9-11s (Part-time) 4 sessions £75
Kids 9-11s (Full-time) All sessions £100
The Ark 3 sessions £75
The Ark (Full-time) All sessions £100

Youth work

Team (link to more info) Time Commitment Saving
Commission Youth All sessions £100
CYOOH 4 shifts £50

Delegate services

Team (link to more info) Time Commitment Saving
Welcome & Bookings 4 shifts £50
Info Point 4 shifts £50
Stewarding 5 shifts £100
Buggy driver 4 shifts £50
BSL team On rota £50
Tea & Toast All shifts £50
Count everyone in 3 sessions £50

Site services

Team (link to more info) Time Commitment Saving
Cleaning 4 shifts £50
Plumbing On call plus setup/packdown £100
Site support various shift times (click for more info) £50
Traffic management 4 shifts £50


Team (link to more info) Time Commitment Saving
Festival team 4 shifts £50
Sports 4 shifts £50

Event support

Team (link to more info) Time Commitment Saving
First Aid 3 shifts £50
First Aid (medical) 3 shifts £50
Technical team 4 shifts £50
Safeguarding 4 shifts £50
Stage management All adult meetings £50
Media team Task-based £50


“I have served in the 8-11s on previous years and love to see God moving amongst the children. It is a privilege to serve in this area, and see children being taught, encouraged and experiencing God for themselves.”

Safeguarding for servers

Commission is committed to nurturing, safeguarding and protecting all people, especially children and young people and those who may be vulnerable. We undertake a ‘safe recruitment’ process to do everything we possibly can to ensure the safety of our delegates. As part of the server recruitment process you will be asked to complete a self disclosure and an elder or appointed person from your church will be asked to provide a reference for you. If your role includes working with children or vulnerable adults you will be asked to consent to a DBS check. On successfully completing all part of this process you will be cleared to serve on the team you chose.

Adult programme

Worship, seminars, bible-teaching and much more this year in our fantastic new programme.

Youth programme

Discover the fantastic line-up we have for our 12-18s.

Kids programme

With dedicated groups for 3s, 4-5s, 6-8s and 9-11s, WESTPOINT is a festival for the whole family.


There’s so much to do at the Festival for all the family – from Cinema showings, to Sports and Arts and Crafts.

What people are saying …

“I’ve enjoyed it in the past – it’s a great way to meet people from other churches and to feel part of the event.”

“Because I love my church (Commission) family, and serving brings glory to God, why wouldn’t I serve?”

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