I love a good story. From my childhood reading the Famous Five, Treasure Island, the Hobbit, the Narnia stories and of course Lord of the Rings. Pages that transport the reader to magical shores, steaming forests, deepest Mordor or sailing to the edge of Narnia, what adventures from the written word. Books invite us to give up our small worlds and become intrepid explorers of another world.

Christmas rushes upon us like a grizzly bear, disturbing our normal routines with its demands of family, food and festivities. We can panic, run to and fro from shop to restaurant spending much more than we can afford and definitely eating way beyond our calorific needs. New year comes around and we return exhausted to the familiar.

My advice, pick up a book, buy a book for a friend, and enter another story that awakens your imagination to other worlds. Climb into the pages and enjoy. And above all read your bibles, enter into the greatest story ever told.

Christmas reminds us that God himself stepped into his book, the word became flesh, the mystery long hidden became unwrapped in a crib in Bethlehem. The God who held stars in their place veils himself in human flesh, baby hands held out to his mother in vulnerability and need. Incarnate Deity. No wonder the poets and carol writers have written some of the greatest theology to music exploring the incarnation.

So step into the story, join the shepherds or travel like wise men to behold the one born king of the Jews. Join with a million angels in praising God and let the light of this King shine into your darkness.

2018 has been a wonderful year for us in the Commission family. Heather and I are so grateful for every Commission family member, every prayer, every step of courageous faith, every pound given, every church or site started, every nation visited. What a wonderful story we are writing for the glory of God. My prayer for each of you this Christmas is to find time to rest and read, times to step into the greatest story ever told.

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