The Greatest Headline: A Christmas Blog

Dec 14, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Kevin Bartlett

Leader (Spain)

“Brexit Breakthrough,” “West Bank Clashes”, “Breaking News”, “Live Updates”, “News Special” today’s headlines make every effort to capture our attention. Every word is vital, every phrase striking in order to draw us to its content. However, there is one headline, particularly during the Christmas season, that should impact every single one of us. The headline is this: ‘And the word became flesh and dwelt among us.’ (John 1:14)

Like any great distilled headline it manages to capture in just a few words amazing news that shakes us to the core.  ‘The word’, for example, refers not to a mere word or language, it means God’s unique, creative, word. A word that says, “let there be light” and there is light. We may find that a difficult concept to grasp but the discovery of DNA helps us understand that the reproduction of life itself is based on a code, a language, a word. DNA gives us something of a clue to the powerful eternal reality that lies behind all of creation: The Word. The Greeks in John’s day knew it as ‘the account which governs everything’.

‘The word’ hints at the mind behind all of creation; think of the size of the galaxies, the power of a supernova, the intricacy of a human cell, the beauty of a sun set and you will start to comprehend the wonder of the Christmas story. He who fills everything in every way, reduced himself to a foetus in Mary’s womb. He went from all-powerful to powerless, from the ancient of ancients to a new born baby.  He who holds the whole universe together by the power of his word had to relearn how to eat, talk, walk. Or as John put it, ‘the word became flesh and dwelt among us.’

Regardless of what the headlines tell us tomorrow, there is no news that will ever top the greatness of what happened when Christ was born 2000 years. It truly is the miracle of all miracles and it is our greatest privilege to announce this good news. In many ways it doesn’t matter how we package the headline it can be a simple invite to a carol service, telling the story to our kids or handing a flyer to a friend, there is no news that competes with our news. Lets declare it with all our might this Christmas.

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