On cold blustery winters days in London, I sometimes seek the solitary comfort of the Westminster Chapel auditorium to pray. From the lofty heights of the top balcony, I try to tune my ears to listen to those ancient voices that resonate in these walls from a time gone by, Samuel Martin, Spurgeon, Campbell Morgan, Lloyd Jones, RT Kendall and my dear friend Greg Haslam. Moments of joy, sadness, breakthrough, glory, sickness, anointed preaching and worship expressed in multicolored forms through different generations. I always wonder just how many saints have prayed and hungered for the glory of God to be revealed in this place, a prayer God loves to answer again and again.

What a joy to see over 500 Newfrontiers leaders gathering to pray recently in this wonderful time machine we call Westminster Chapel. What a key time to be reminded of Nehemiah and the broken down walls of the UK before turning to prayer for the government, the Brexit stalemate, marriages failing, knife crime soaring, and any sense of truth or meta-narrative lost in the seas of relativity and individualism. What a joy to meet then around the Lord’s table and be reminded that “we who were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ…..who has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility”.

The joy and faith released as we worshipped after this meal moved me to tears. A new first-time guest said to me after, that he had sung the same hymns and songs but not experienced this level of passion and joy as we sang. Simon Brading and band brilliantly led us in worship to the throne of grace, where we boldly asked our Father for his kingdom to come.

Newfrontiers together as one family with different spheres not jealous of one another but zealous for one another, so no surprise to hear prophecies for our togetherness. The prophetic gifts among us seeing bonfire beacons of revival prayer lit up and down the nation and into Europe, the clear call to go North. I had a real sense that these days of prayer were important for each sphere as bees gathering to a central hive, cross-pollinating and allowing the Holy Spirit to direct our flight paths to new orchards in the UK full of spring blossom.

It is no surprise I came back buzzing and excited by all God has called us in Commission and Newfrontiers to do in the coming year, and am looking forward to the next time we gather.

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