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In May believers from across Europe gathered in Nis, Serbia for Together on a Mission 2019. The team running the event sent us this video that tries to capture something of the sense of unity, reconciliation, prophetic ministry and worship that characterised the weekend:

The following tweets, sent during and shortly after the conference, also convey something of the sense of God’s presence experienced by delegates.

From Rodney Sexton (@RodSexton)

Sunday pm with Roma Christians in Leskovac Serbia. Amazing trumpet-blast, call to begin. ‘Wild’, often simple, awesome worship. Prophetic ‘selahs’ – violin and drums. Kids, all ages praising. Healings expected, happening. In church and on the streets. Much to learn @RMchurches

From Ian Ormesher (@ianormy)

What a weekend! Saw a majorly deaf lady healed in both ears, her leg healed, no need for crutches. Other healings. Salvations. Incredible worship. All amongst the Roma in Serbia. #TOAM19 @RMchurches

For more of what is happening, see Commission sphere’s involvement in the Balkans in ‘Across the Nations’.”




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