Iberian Peninsula

Spain and Portugal are magnificent nations with rich histories. Testimonies to their past abound; world heritage sites of castles, walled cites, mosques, cathedrals.

Only in the past 150 years or so is history being made by the advance of the gospel of grace though. Brave pioneers proclaimed their faith and churches were planted at great cost. Missionaries fled Spain to Portugal when facing hardship during Franco's civil war; Portuguese Christians were in turn persecuted during the Salazar dictatorship.

They sowed and others are reaping. In Portugal the evangelical church was the fastest growing last year. We are still small; but we are growing and contributing to a different type of nation changing history.

There are dozens of cities, towns, even counties without churches that preach the gospel of grace in Iberia. They represent quite a unique challenge in Europe – how about it?


Spain itself is a relatively 'new frontier’ for our group of churches with a church plant in Madrid which is still in the...

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We have had a close relationship with several churches in Portugal for many years and there are a growing...

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