PortugalmapWe have had a close relationship with several churches in Portugal for many years, and there are a growing number of churches with which we enjoy a warm relationship. Links are being forged too with African churches from Portuguese speaking nations, particularly Guinea Bissau. We hope too that in years to come our connections will see doors opened up in other Portuguese speaking nations in South America.  


‘A Fonte’ in Penafiel is a fully portuguese speaking church with virtually all of its members having been born again and added to the church from the local towns. The second generation of leaders are now moving the church forward in terms of its role as a resource for church planting in Portugal.  'A Fonte' hosts the Together for the Iberian Peninsula Conference, Training, and Prayer and Fasting events.  


Andrew Shore leads a team of young men, women and children building Vida Nova church in Porto. Some went with him from Penafiel, others joined from Southampton and Bolton. Most of the men signed up as singles – they have seen three weddings now!

Six out of the eight Portuguese districts with fewest evangelical churches per capita are in the north of the country. With a population of 1.2 million Porto is second on that list. The challenge is huge but it's great to see the talented team getting well established for the vision ahead. They are looking to expand into new premises later this year.


The International Community Church is based in Lagos and is predominantly English speaking. The church has seen its work with the homeless grow, bringing increasing interaction with the local council and Portuguese people. The church is entering a challenging phase as it responds to the varied calls upon it.