Reaching the Unreached

In Commission we are strongly moved by Jesus' command to "preach the Gospel to all nations”.

We believe passionately in the need to send the good news of Jesus to all nations, to areas where He is not known, and our international family of churches reflects this. Currently we are involved in supporting churches and ministries in a number of different locations across the globe. Our aim is to see churches built up by training and support and released to grow and care for the communities in which God has placed them. 

Our support includes training leaders, starting and establishing new churches, preaching and teaching, equipping and training church leaders, assisting new believers as they work out what it means to be a Christian, and serving and working with the poor to see communities changed.



India is the seventh largest country in the world and yet has a population of over 1.1 billion...

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IberiamaproundsmallIberian Peninsula

Spain and Portugal are magnificent nations with rich histories. Testimonies to their past abound...

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Other nations

As Commission develops we are seeing growing connections with churches in Latin America, Zambia, and into the Far East.

For more information about any of our involvement overseas contact us.